Blue Muse Studio7 - BLUE MUSE STUDIO7
Company Name - Doll Making in Cold Porcelain/ Unique Arts & Crafts
Welcome to my Studio! 

  Formal Training:
  Raw artist:: born with a wonderful gift  and the of life. 

   My creativity comes the complexity and yet simplicity of life.  Nature, our Amazing Planet and all that it can offer.  Only by being sensitive and curious, one can find  true pleasure.....just by looking at a simple  ...and the magical  awakening; the beauty of the green or curled up dry leaves; the enchanting world of mushrooms.......Just by looking so closely and discovering a whole world hidden, giving space to a wonderful adventure in the creative process.
     I LOVE LIVE.........I LOVE NATURE!!!!

Creative Painting:
  Is a very therapeutic and fun way of releasing stress by distracting your mind, welcoming your creative self and letting go of all your daily routines.



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